FuckUp Confessions by M4S

posted by M4S 13 December 2018 0 comments

We’re done with the first session of FuckUp Confessions by Mentors4Starters!

Sometimes a failure teaches more than a series of success and our mentors know it well. That’s why Grażyna Piotrowska-Oliwa, Jacek Olechowski, and Michał Wolniak shared their life lessons learned the hard way with the M4S community. Their confessions were followed by stories of an alumnae Jacek Siadkowski, and our own Krzysztof Jakubowski from the Mentors4Staretrs Foundation.

The October weather and the bitter-sweet taste of career ups and downs set a great base for conversations and experience exchange. By the end of the meeting everybody was convinced that it’s time to end with a taboo of failure if it serves educational purposes.

That’s why we’re pretty sure that we all will meet again to publicly confess our “fuckups”.