Inauguration of the 4th Edition

posted by M4S 12 March 2018 0 comments

The official opening of the next M4S edition took place in the Amber Room restaurant by the headquarters of the Polish Business Roundtable, the program’s strategic partner. Many of the 45 selected mentees got familiar with the place during recruiting interviews that were held in the venue from April to the end of May.

Almost 100 guests, including mentors, mentees and alumni, showed up at the opening gala in June.

Joanna Koper and Krzysztof Jakubowski welcomed the guests on behalf of the organizers, and Jacek Olechowski, the long-time mentor and the Polish Business Roundtable vice-president hald an opening speech. After a short official introduction a less formal part of the event started: getting to know each other during lose conversation and building the M4S community.